About Me

I began painting because I love art . . . the colors and textures that can be created with paint . . the exploration of new possibilities . . . the adventure of trying new techniques . . . the comfort of the known . . . the excitement of the new.

I believe in artful living . . . in playfulness in life and in art . . . in exploring my own unconscious mind through my art . . . in realizing new forms of self expression . . . in observing interactions with the nature of all things . . in delighting in the play of sunlight as it infuses the leaves of a tree . . . in interpreting the lights and shadows of life with my brushes and pigments.

Today I am learning more about light and shadow. . . watching my paintings reflect my new understanding . . . becoming aware of the interaction of one color with another . . seeing the parts merge into completion . . . recognizing that my purpose is different today than in the beginning of my art career.

Painting, to me, is often like a meditation . . . I am grateful that my joy in painting happens to coincide with my joy in life . . . and I am grateful when one of my works speaks to your heart.

Browse the gallery . . . take your time . . . and, if you find that you would like to make one of them a part of your life, your home, that is wonderful!